Rethinking Sound 2018

Music Research Center at Hanyang University hosted the international conference “Rethinking Sound 2018,” which was held on 30–31 March 2018 in Seoul, Korea. Rethinking Sound 2018 Many topics were included in this conference in the perspective of Sound Studies such as Gender/Identity/Politics, Body, Film, Virtual Soundscape, Cultural/Historical Soundscape, Urban Soundscape. I attended this conference to learn… Read More Rethinking Sound 2018

Become a writer of the sourcebook for the 70th anniversary Korea opera

I become one of the writers of the sourcebook for the 70th anniversary of Korea opera conducted by the Foundation for the 70th anniversary of the Opera in Korea. Musicologist Jeon Jung-Im (전정임), the professor of Chungnam National University, is a chief writer, and I am a vice writer. She could not attend the meeting because she cannot… Read More Become a writer of the sourcebook for the 70th anniversary Korea opera

The teaching of the great learning

The teaching of the great learning: The cultivated self, the harmonized clan, the well-governed country, and peace throughout the world (修身齊家治國平天下)   Seung-Hee Lee (이승희, 李昇姬)       物格而后知至。 When things are investigated, knowledge is extended. 知至而后意誠。 When knowledge is extended, the will becomes sincere. 意誠而后心正。 When the will is sincere, the mind is… Read More The teaching of the great learning

Interview with Park Soo-Kil

Date: Sep. 18 2017 Venue: Studio of Yewool Music Stage (예울음악무대 스튜디오) Park Soo-Kil: Key Life Events Timeline  1941 Park Soo-Kil was born in Hamheung(함흥, 咸興), Hamgyeongnam-do(함경남도, 咸鏡南道South Hamgyong Province), which is currently included in North Korea.  He moved to the South Korea with his maternal grandmother when there was the largest evacuation movement of the Korean War, the January… Read More Interview with Park Soo-Kil