Analytical and Interpretive Approaches (I)

David Neumeyer and James BuhlerAnalytical and Interpretive Approaches (pp.16-38) in Film Music: critical approaches (2001)Edited by K.J.Donelly The Continuum International Publishing Group, Inc. Introduction Focusing on the third and fourth of Gorbman’s categories (3) Filmmusic ‘analysis’, which is a reading or description of music’s position and function within a particular film (4) music within an historical account… Read More Analytical and Interpretive Approaches (I)

Der Ring des Nibelungen: Das Rheingold directed by Achim Freyer

November 17, 2018 The Opera Theater of Seoul Arts Center The Korean reception of Wagner operas Der Ring des Nibelungen: Das Rheingold has not been performed in South Korea until Achim Freyer ‘s direction for Korea. As Wagner operas were performed very rarely in Korea, all performances so far can be introduced here. November 14, 1979. <Tannhäuser>by… Read More Der Ring des Nibelungen: Das Rheingold directed by Achim Freyer

Rethinking Sound 2018

Music Research Center at Hanyang University hosted the international conference “Rethinking Sound 2018,” which was held on 30–31 March 2018 in Seoul, Korea. Rethinking Sound 2018 Many topics were included in this conference in the perspective of Sound Studies such as Gender/Identity/Politics, Body, Film, Virtual Soundscape, Cultural/Historical Soundscape, Urban Soundscape. I attended this conference to learn… Read More Rethinking Sound 2018