Lee, SeungHee

SeungHee is a graduate student in Yonsei University. Her major is Historical musicology, but she is also interested in Aesthetics, Cultural history and Culture Studies. As a historical musicologist, she has concerned with Verdi’s opera in 19th century, but recently increase her interest to contemporary music and popular music which reflects today’s musical lives of people. She is basically interested in ‘theater and music’ including opera, musical, and film music. Her paper, ‘Rethinking Verdi’s Risorgimento Opera: beyond the gap between politico-cultural and musicological perspectives’ (2014) has been published in Yonsei Collection of Papers.

Her academical odyssey is multifarious. She majored in Viola in Anyang University, but as her father (Horn player) became a union head of Seoul philharmonic orchestra she could realized “real world”.  After she graduated the university, she worked at People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy(PSPD) and Gonggam Human Rights Law Foundation as an intern. These experiences led her to study. She studied Non Governmental Organization and Human Rights in Sungkonghoe University. By the study at this university, she could know her academic preference. She found she is historically and musically oriented. Recently, she is studying German to read German writer’s books (like Dahlhaus, Benjamin, Adorno…), and trying to develop her dissertation on Reception of Verdi opera in Korea.

  1. Work experiences

1) The 2nd The Jeonju Int’l Sori Festival (2002):
Project team: 21 strings  (Viola)
2) A cappella group in Seoul Musicians’ Academy (SMA): MUTANT (2001-2002)
① [SMA Invitation] Beautiful Vesper (2001)
– Venue: Art Hall in Boksagol Cultural Center in Bucheon Cultural Foundation
② SMA Mutant and eve of A Cappella
– Venue: Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum in Seoul Arts Center
3) Seoul Musicians’ Academy (SMA) performances
① SMA Concert- Seoul Musician’s Academy Concert
– Venue: Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum in Seoul Arts Center
– Viola player for Ludwig van Beethoven STRING QUARTET Op.18 No.6 in B♭ Major
4) 28th SMA Winter Music Camp- “Mahler and cultural DNA” (2002)
5) Anyang University- Periodical Concert of Students- Viola player (2003)
6) PSPD intern (Jun.-Oct. 2005)
7) Gonggam Human Rights Law Foundation intern (Feb.-Apr. 2006)
8) Research assistant of Institute for East Asian Studies at SungKongHoe University (2010-2011)
– International Affairs Division: Editing English News Letter, Translation,
Drafting the MOU for Academic Exchange between East Asian Universities and Student Exchange Program
9) Teaching Assistant for MAINS(Master of Arts in Inter-Asia NGO Studies) in SungKongHoe University (2011)

2. Awards

Appreciation plaque by Brightening One Corner

(Fund-raising Performance for eyesight recovery operations for blind people)(2003)

Presidential Committee on Judicial Reform

Report on Jury Trial (The Third Placer) (2006)

– 3rd Book Review Contest of Sakyejul (The Third Placer) (2006)

Yonsei SERI-EU Centre– The Best Dissertation Prize (2016)

3. Education

Texas A&M University

– English Language Institute: certificated (2007)

2) Human Rights Education Association (HREA)

– Human Rights Monitoring: certificated (2008)

– Mainstreaming Human Rights: certificated (2009)

– The United Nations Human Rights System: certificated (2009)

4. Participation

Participant of 13th ICMPC (International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition)

5. Translation

1) 지속가능한 미래예측 Toolkit (Drivers of Change) (2011)

(에딧더월드, ISBN: 9788996649229)

(Gwanju Design Biennale 2011- Formal Invitation)

– common translation

2) <Asia Journal 2011 No.4>(The May18 Memorial Foundation) (2012)

인도네시아 공공부문 노동조합의 역사와 민주화 이후의 발전 (by FX Supiarso)

– Translation of Research paper


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