Regarding possibility

I just sent my proposal to the person in charge of conference of the Musicological Society of Korea. A subject of the forthcoming conference is ‘music and nationalism’ and a title of my paper is “Singing nationalism: Study on Verdi’s Risorgimento opera.”

As this is my first time to submit my thesis to professional conference,  I was very careful and scrupulous when I was writing my proposal. Yet I am still worrying if my wording or construction of my abstract are apposite to be the paper for the conference.

Anyway, my proposal is already out of my hands. Even if my proposal would not be chosen, I have still other options since there are some other musicological societies…and I can earn extra time to redeem and rethink my paper and write better one. So this attempt can result in good situation whether my paper would be accepted or not. Then please be positive, SeungHee.


Regarding possibility”에 대한 4개의 생각

  1. Good look with the proposal! When will the conference be? I’d like to listen to your paper and others if I can, the theme sounds very interesting. And some new perspectives might help me with my thesis on pansori (which has certainly been used for nationalistic purposes more than once). Keep up the blogging — looking forward to more!
    Best, jan


    1. I am still waiting..but whether I could be accepted or not, you are welcome to come and attend the conference. It will be on Sep.9 (Sat.). Usually this conference starts at 9Am, and eat lunch together, but it defends, and there is no obligation. If you join this and write your email, you can subscribe email news.
      Just date of the conference has announced so far, but I will send more detailed mail later.
      I’ve read the book about nationalistic purposes and modernization of Korean music (which is written in Korean) though I cannot remember its author. Yet I can easily find it again, so I will show you the book. but I think you probably already read it and now you are progressing deeper phase…

      Thanks for encouraging me again.:)


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