nationalism vs. modernization

These days one of my main trouble is the academical question. what framework can be fit to ‘reception of Verdi in Korea’ in my thesis?

I mainly have referred to the book “Verdi and the Germans” by Gundular Kreuzer when I am trying to organize my paper, and it is based on nationalistic discourses. So nationalistic framework looks very interesting to me. Yet as I studied in reception of Verdi in Korea so far, Koreans was not fond of Verdi because his opera is nationalistic. Rather, I think Koreans seemed to regard Verdi’s operas  as means to be modernized and westernized. Can I link to these senses to nationalism? ‘To be modernized’ is similar feeling to ‘nationalistic’? or What frameworks would be proper to my paper? Maybe my questions are absurd or weird. I hope I could solve my problems and redeem my error as I progress my paper.


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