What’s left of me

Last semester I was too busy. Since I could not earn adequate amount of scholarship in the previous semester, I tried to apply and work omnivorously.

Fortunately, my wish was realized. Though my graduate school is well-known for its academical achievement as well as ‘high tuition fees’, I earned even more.

I was a TA for two undergraduate classes, <Understanding music theory>(100 participants) and <Music history>(172 participants), and a representative of the graduate school of music in Graduate student committee. As instructors of the classes were meticulous in a different way, I could learn many things from them such as checking attendance quickly, grading their reports fairly, and dealing with students’ complaint clearly.

At the middle of the semester, as my advisor called me and encouraged to apply ‘Graduate research scholarship‘, which can earn nearly two-thirds of my tuition for two semesters, I prepared my research proposal and other documentations. Happily, I could be a successful applicant among three candidates. I also earned the other scholarship, BK21+(Brain Korea 21 plus) scholarship for outstanding students.

However, I was always busy to take three classes (Classical music, the Philosophy of Art, Understanding of culture studies). I managed to study by the metamorphosis of a night person into a morning person.

To make matters worse, at the end of last semester I tried to pass Graduate school qualification exam, but I couldn’t. Though I heard it was tough exam from many students, I had just a few amount of time to prepare for the exam. Looking back, I should not have applied it at that time. As there are about three opportunities to apply it, and I seemed not to miss a chance.

Last semester I started to learn German to read articles in this language, so I studied it every Saturday morning. I finished the course for basic grammar, and now I am learning German reading course, but I still have difficulty in reading German. I suppose to quit my German class until pass the Qualification exam and after that, I hope I could more concentrate on it.

Last semester was a squall. I always ran here and there and read thousand of articles. My scholarship, credibility, grade, graduation… I worked for these and achieved many things, but a more improved strategy for ‘choice and concentration’ is needed. Maybe learning by doing is the best way to learn. It is desired that these experiences can be helpful for next semester.



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