NTU-CUHK-EARS MUSIC FORUM 2016: Music and Mobility


As my proposal was selected by EARS last January, I submitted my full-length paper (2500-3000words) last Friday.

I am belong to <Group 3: Mobility, Space, and Western Art Music>, which supervised by Jeffrey LEVENBERG (Chinese University of Hong Kong), YANG Chien-Chang (National Taiwan University), and the title of my paper is “The Reception of Verdi’s Operas in South Korea”.

Summarizing my dissertation (currently about 80pages) was tough, so I was wonder why this was much harder than summing-up of other books.

Finally, I found the reasons.

  1. I wanted to save many valuable parts.
  2. There still remained some unclear issues.

For these reasons, I had to think about the overall organization as well as primary and secondary issues of my dissertation again and again.

Arranging and summarizing the paper at the same time was not easy.

Thanks to this experience, however, my perspective on the dissertation has become more concrete than before. I am happy with the way things have gone.

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