The foundation ceremony for the 70th anniversary of the Opera in Korea


Venue: Yein Hall of Sejong Center for the Performing Arts

As a researcher who effectively used the two chronological lists of operatic performances in Korea (50th anniversary and 60th anniversary), it is gratifying that the operatic field willingly and sincerely desires to make the updated lists.

Before I listened to this foundation ceremony, I had in mind that I would make another updated list, which includes the chronological lists of opera performances after 2007 to the present.

Since the making chronological list of operatic performances has not included in the multitude number of the national projects, it can be totally impossible unless some people take time out of their busy schedule to make it.

After the foundation ceremony, I had the meaningful conversation with the doyen of opera director, Kim Hong-Seung(김홍승) with an introduction by my friend, Soprano Jang Seung-Hee(장승희). From numerous episodes concerned with the opera directions to his own perspective on the opera direction…I asked my questions and learned many things. Since it was the unexpected conversation, I could not prepare for the interview, but I am mindful of the future.

I also contrived the future interview with Bariton Park Soo-Gil(박수길,  朴秀吉) after the ceremony. He had been a prolific opera singer and involved many operatic events including the publication of the source book for the 50th anniversary for Opera in Korea.
 The below video is “Love song(사랑가)” from Hyun Je-Myung(현제명)’s <Chunhyangjeon(春香傳)>, performed by Jung Kot-Nim(정꽃님) and Kim Dong-Won(김동원).
Video (recorded by myself)
I have wondered how it became the most frequently performed opera composed by Korean composer in Korea. After watched this performance, I felt like I found the answer. Though many critics often diminished the value of its music due to its similarity to popular music and the lack of exquisiteness, I think it is directly the reason why Chunhyangjeon has exclusively adored by Korean people.
오페라70주년기념사업회 창립선포식 IMG_5294
Performance(1): La traviata
오페라 70주년 창립선포식 IMG_5296
Opera Director Jang Soo-Dong(장수동) and other initiators
오페라 70주년 기념사업회 창립선포식 IMG_5295
Bariton Park Soo-Gil(박수길)

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