Making an appointment with a colossus

When I was an elementary school student, I hesitated for a while whenever I had to call my friend home. Supposedly my friend’s mother answers the phone. What am I supposed to say to her? What if I accidentally use a rude expression? What if they are busy? But in fact, it was not the problem about a rhetorical problem. I cannot explain this feeling except for this prosaic explanation: I felt so burdened. And it is still difficult for me to contact with the doyen of the opera singers.

Yesterday I happened to meet Park Soo-Kil after the opera, Le Nozze di Figaro of 18th Korea Chamber Opera Festival and asked him to call tomorrow for an interview appointment. He did not give any information about the specific time to call him, and I guess he might intend that call him anytime. It made me even more frustrated. I should have asked him about the exact time! Finally,  I had in mind to call him at 2 pm. But as I also had to fit this interview schedule around Soprano Jang, who will talk together as a facilitator and a former student of him, it was about 4 pm when I was ready to call him.

I finally called, and he picked up the phone as if he was already waiting. The arrangement was easier than I expected. I could easily answer his questions about the purpose of the interview as well as who I am. It was not hard work. Indeed, it was not a difficult task at all.

Now all I have to do is preparing the interview. Meeting him as an interviewer is not much of a burden. Calling and making an appointment one of the prominent figures of opera in Korea was the hardest part of the interview. I am so excited to meet him.

Reading and writing are what I feel at home, and they are partly the reasons why I have wanted to be a researcher. But unexpectedly, research makes me overcome things I regarded as my weaknesses. Being a researcher seems to mean a being a better person to me.


 A Little Information about Park, Soo-Kil (1941- ) written in English

바리톤 박수길.png

<The New York Times>

Music: Westernization Of Korean Song   

Music: Debuts in Review By 

<The Washington Post>


River Water in My Heart (내 마음의 강물, 1998) composed by Soo-In Lee (이수인, 1939- )


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