Preparation for Interview


As I found that I do not have enough historical materials for my topic, the reception of Verdi’s opera in Korea, I made up my mind to make them by myself. There are no books on the history of opera in Korea, so I sometimes have had a difficulty to set the matter in context. I hope this interview can be helpful for me to understand the history concretely. I believe at least it would provide valuable clues. I think an interview is a good luck only modern historians can enjoy.

To make the best use of this opportunity, I searched books on the way of interview. As I have not trained as an interviewer, I was afraid if there is some information or tip I missed. Though Yonsei University Library is equipped with the wide variety of books, I wanted to manage my time more efficiently since it takes an hour to reach there. Thus, I tried to apply Inter-library Loan(책바다, Chekbada, which means Book-Sea)  provided by the government for the first time. It takes only five days, so I thought I am lucky.

Today, when I visited The Gwacheon Provincial Library of Gyeonggi to check my books out, I found that the manager of Inter-Library Loan came to the office because of my books. She said her day on the job is next Tuesday, but wanted to help with speed. I do not remember, but she said I asked if I can use them in few days. She seems a keen librarian of this service. I am grateful for this unexpected help. No papers can be created without help from librarians, peers, and family members…


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